About Us

About Who we are & what we DO.

Along with my TEAM, we’re excited to bring you VoiceOverArtist


I feel the same thrill and excitement when I offer these voice over services or TEXT TO Speech to my clients that help them grow their business and increase their profits. I watch the trends very closely and always try to analyze and predict the next BIG change.
I’ve been working on tapping synthetic voices since last year.
But when I see the latest trends since the beginning of 2021…

… I’ve been encouraging my team to accelerate the work.

We’ve been working hard to build an app that uses Synthetic Voices based on real people, and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself for your corporate marketing video or any marketing purpose you may have.

The technology we are proud to use at Voice Over Artist is Synthesys by …..Mario Brown and along with  Oliver Goodwin